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First Impression: Sigma Sigmax Kabuki Kit

January 24, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Today’s post is a super exciting for me because it involves one of my favourite things! New brushes! Specifically, the Sigma Sigmax Kabuki Kit. Getting these brushes was like Christmas for me. These were a belated Christmas gift from my sister since the Curl Secret didn’t work out (Click here to see my review), so I was so excited to get these as I have only heard rave reviews about these brushes. After getting the Performance Eyes Kit for Christmas, I was hooked and couldn’t wait to add to my Sigma collection. I picked these up from the post office on Monday and I have been LOVING these. All that hype you hear about these? SO ACCURATE.

*You’ll notice in the pictures that these look dirty, consider that evidence of the love that these have been getting.


I’m going to talk about the collection as a whole and then each brush so you’ll know if the complete collection is for you, or if an individual brush is calling your makeup junkie name πŸ™‚

About the Brushes

In case you didn’t count in the picture above, this kit includes 5 brushes. They have synthetic bristles, which means that they don’t absorb product. This is nice because your foundation ends up on your face and not in the brush. All of the brushes i have densely packed bristles creating a flawless application of product. I think the secret to these brushes is really in the density of the bristles.

These retail for $84.00 US, which seems like a lot, but divided per brush it’s just under $17USD a brush , which is still much cheaper than Mac for example. I have found that Sigma has frequent coupon codes, so that lessens the price tag slightly. Until the end of the month you could use the code JAN2014 or the other code running which is WELCOME10OFF for 10% off your purchase. If I was to pick any makeup product quality is essential, I would pick brushes. You can have expensive products, but applied improperly and it can still look cheap. I’m telling you these are worth every dime.

Tapered Kabuki F86

The first brush in the kit that I want to talk about is the F86 brush, the Tapered Kabuki.


I have already found multiple uses for this brush. The shape is so versatile making it super useful. The first thing I like to use this for is blending in concealer. The tapered end makes it able to fit right under my eye to blend smoothly. It may seem big for concealer, but it seems to work for me perfectly. Before this I would blend with my fingers, but I think this is a better alternative. The second thing that I’m learning to use this for is contouring. Contouring is a skill that takes a little bit to master and this does make it easier. I used to use an angled contour brush from Quo, but I always felt like it was too big and difficult to blend out, I’m terrified of looking orangey. The point on this applies bronzer softly to the hollows of my cheeks and I don’t need to blend as much. It also fits perfect to bronze the sides of my face or for lightly contouring the sides of my nose. I’m still figuring this out for bronzing my forehead and jawline only because it can really pack on the product if you’re not careful. Since I’m pretty pale I really have to watch how much bronzer I put on because I don’t want it to look unnatural. I know this brush will work for these areas, I just need to play with it more to figure out how it works best πŸ™‚


Round Kabuki F82

The 2nd brush in the kit is the Round Kabuki or the F82 brush.


This brush is specifically designed for powder face products. I haven’t used this yet for powder foundation like my Bare Minerals because it’s winter so I’m a bit too dry, but I have used this for mineral setting products like the ELF High Definition Powder or Bare Minerals Mineral Veil and I have no complaints. The one thing that really stands out to me about all of these brushes is how soft they are, it’s incredible.


Angled Kabuki F84

The next brush in this kit is the Angled Kabuki F84Β brush.


This brush is great for blush because it’s soft and fluffy making it look natural, but angled so it follows the contours of your face. From the little bit I’ve tried this, it’s been a success. I haven’t played with this much yet, but Sigma’s website suggests that this is well-suited to cream products, so I may need to give that a go. I don’t have too many cream products, so I will be interesting to see how much use I get out of this.


Flat Angled Kabuki F88

The second last brush I’m reviewing is the Flat Angled Kabuki F88 brush.


This brush is very similar to the last brush I’ll be reviewing. It features a flat top just like the F80 (spoiler), but instead of being completely flat it’s angled like the F84. This brush is meant for foundation and is great for reaching difficult angles of the face hairline, around the nose etc.). The use that I have been testing this for is defined contouring. If I dip the angled edge into my bronzer (currently using Chocolate Soleil Bronzer by Too Faced) is creates a pretty defined contour for my cheeks. The only part that I need to work more on is the blending of this. Since it’s so defined it does need a little more work to look natural, but for a dramatic makeup look this brush will definitely assist with that. I wouldn’t use this to contour other parts of my face because I think it’s a bit too much for me, but other brushes in this kit take care of those needs. Part of the challenge with learning to contour with this brush is just me. I don’t have any contacts right now, so I’m stuck trying to do this basically blind. Once I can see clearly this will be easier I think.


Flat Kabuki F80

For this review, I saved the best for last. The, holy grail, coveted Sigma F80 brush.


This brush might be the most talked about brush ever and I can see why. This brush creates flawless faces. No exaggeration. This brush buffs in product like nothing I have ever seen. With minimal product it evens out your skin to make it look naturally perfect. I have never experienced the dreaded cake-face since I got this brush and we all know that can happen to anyone. The density of the bristles leaves no streaks and harsh lines. It’s magic. With minimal skill I feel like anyone could achieve well applied face makeup using this brush. I know nothing I’m saying here is new to many of you, but despite hearing the repeated reviews I was still amazed on how well this did. You really have to see it with your own eyes to believe it. I don’t suffer from regular acne, but I do have some textural issues on my cheeks and I feel like they don’t look as obvious when I use this brush. Since incorporating this brush into my makeup routine, I have noticed that i need WAY less concealer than before. Now I am testing a new foundation that I may review soon if you guys want so it may be related to this, but I think the brush definitely is contributing. Prior to purchasing this brush I was using a stippling style brush that I got for like $8 at Walmart and although it worked fine, the bristles were not as good as this, which is fair considering the price. The bristles were half synthetic, half natural hair so I did find that it smelled a bit funny after a few uses, likely from absorbing product. Second, the bristles weren’t dense like this, so it took a bit more to build up coverage. I get that these aren’t meant to be the same, but I’m just comparing my old brush to my new. The old brush was fine and I’m not intending to knock it because it’s acceptable for it’s price, but I don’t think I’ll reach for it often. This brush has made it to the top of my list and pushed all others like it out of it’s way.


The Bottom Line

Ultimately I am enjoying all of these brushes and I have found uses for all of them. The complete kit may not be for everyone, but for junkies like me, it’s an excellent addition. With this kit I’m finding that the other face brushes I need are minimal, so that tells me that I have the basics down. Anything else I may choose to purchase is extra, but this definitely covered the majority. For a beginner on a budget, I would recommend ELF brushes to get yourself started and gradually work your way up to these. If I only had money for one brush in this kit, I would purchase the F80, Flat Top Kabuki because I think it is the most useful in the kit. I can’t say yet if there is a brush in this kit that I wouldn’t purchase because I’m still experimenting with all of them. Ultimately these brushes are excellent quality and I stand behind them 100%.

Comment below if you have used any of these brushes and let me know what you think! Also let me know what you’d like to see next: skincare or my new foundation review.

Bye for now!


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