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Cover FX Custom Cover Drops: Review

July 8, 2015

Hi Everyone!

I have been trying to write this review for weeks now, but every time I go to write it something gets in the way. Finally I am sitting down to write about a hot new product that’s getting some buzz in the makeup world. When I first heard of these custom cover drops, I was intrigued. A pure pigment foundation that can customize the coverage of existing foundation or be mixed with basically anything to create a custom foundation. That’s pretty cool. So I went to go purchase these and my shade (P20) was out of stock for a while on Sephora’s website. Then when I finally got them I bought a moisturizer to mix them with since mine was out, only to have a terrible reaction to it all over my face. That was the first stall of this review. I went out once again to buy another moisturizer and had a reaction to that one too. So needless to say I wasn’t going to review a foundation with hives all over my face and neck. So when exactly this review will go up, I’m not entirely sure. When my skin cooperates I guess.

Anyway let’s get to the actual product since I assume that’s what you’re here for.


This product is significantly smaller than a standard foundation, but a little goes a long way so it does make sense. It retails for $44.



The first important thing to talk about, especially for this product is the packaging. This comes in a small glass bottle with a dropper. The product is very thin in consistency so I think the idea is to add a few drops to whatever you’re mixing this with. The first time I ever used this I shook it like the directions said, opened it to add a couple drops and the dropper shot foundation EVERYWHERE. All over my work uniform, my makeup table and the floor. Needless to say I was not feeling this product that day. Since then it has not done that so maybe air had settled in the dropper, but it’s still very messy in general. I find that product gathers around the edge of the lid and then drips and gets all over your fingers. I do think that it’s a big flaw in this product because it not only wastes product but it’s just inconvenient in general. I can keep the dripping at bay most days by keeping it upright on my vanity, but I don’t see this being a great travel product. Not only is it messy like I said, but it’s also glass so that’s not ideal for travelling.



In terms of actually using the product I do find the dropper to be a little challenging. The entire point of this product is custom coverage and I find it challenging to control how many drops come out, which makes it a little harder to get the exact coverage that you’re looking for. What I mean is you could be aiming for 3 drops, medium coverage and end up with 5 drops which is pretty full coverage. Or you could want 5 drops and only 2 will come out before you need to re-dip it to get more product. It’s just not a great dropper. The packaging is by no means a deal breaker for me, but something to consider I think.



This product is designed to be mixed with something, so it does require some kind of surface to mix your concoction on. I use the back of my hand, which is alright provided that you’re careful. This product is very thin so it can easily run off your hand if you tip it by accident. You could use a metal palette if you wanted, you can get them really cheap on Ebay. I have tried mixing this with liquid illuminators, other foundations, moisturizer and even on it’s own. Out of all the methods I’ve tried I like mixing this with moisturizer the best. It feels super light on the skin, but  you can really customize the coverage to your liking. Since my skin is normal to dry, this gives me the hydration I need as well. I will say that you need less moisturizer or whatever you’re mixing it with than you think. I seem to always end up with more product than I need. I suggest mixing a little and adding to it if you need. They do advertise that you can add this to your existing foundation for more coverage. Most of the foundations I already own have decent coverage on their own, so it doesn’t make sense to use this product with them. I do like to mix these with the Urban Decay Naked Skin since that can be a little sheer initially. These give it an extra boost so I have a little more coverage where I need it without layering on loads of product.

Finish and Shades

The finish of this foundation isn’t flat matte, but it’s definitely not dewy. It has more of a satin matte finish which will work for a variety of skin types. In terms of shades they do have a pretty wide variety of light to medium shades, but not that many for deep skin tones from what I can tell. My shade P20 is a pretty good match for my skin tone.

In the picture attached to this post I am still suffering from my allergic reaction so if my skin looks a little uneven, please forgive me. I will say that I don’t think this would do all that well on very dry, flaky skin. I have a lot of texture on my skin from this reaction and it is accentuating it, so I don’t picture it looking that great on dry patches.


Who should try this?

I definitely think someone who owns and wears mainly light to medium coverage foundations should give this a go. That will allow you to add coverage when you want it. I also think this would be well suited to someone who doesn’t wear tons of makeup because with one product you could create many different coverages without buying more than 1 foundation. Lastly, even though I personally don’t fake tan I think these would be perfect for someone who does. Depending on your shade of tan you could purchase these in a darker shade to mix with lighter foundations and add how ever many drops you need to get your perfect shade.

Overall Thoughts

In all I do like this product. I like the feeling of it mixed with moisturizer on my skin and that I can have whatever coverage I want. It is an extra step in the morning to make my concoction so that does sometimes deter me from using it, but it’s not a deal breaker. I do wish the packaging was better. I don’t really trust it for travelling since it’s a messy glass bottle. This handy to have if I need more coverage but I don’t want to feel more coverage if that makes sense. There isn’t much else like this on the market that I’m aware of, so I’m glad I got to try this out for myself.


Have you tried the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Bye for now!





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  • Reply the rare ruby July 8, 2015 at 7:57 pm

    Mind checking out my blog?
    The Rare Ruby💕

  • Reply cellardoor2014 July 8, 2015 at 8:25 pm

    I’ve hemmed and hawed over getting this product. It’s SO GOOD in theory but it seems a little finicky in real life.

    I love your hair!! 🙂

    • Reply Chelsey July 8, 2015 at 8:27 pm

      I would definitely agree with that. I like it but it could be more convenient. And thank you!

  • Reply Julia Brooks July 9, 2015 at 8:51 am

    My review of this was pretty similar! The packaging is totally annoying, but it’s still a great product and an awesome idea. I ended up returning mine just because I simply didn’t see myself reaching for it enough to justify the $44. Great review as always Chelsey! 🙂

    • Reply Chelsey July 9, 2015 at 3:15 pm

      Ya I don’t know how else they would have designed it but it’s not the most practical. The concept would be ideal for makeup artists but the packaging wouldn’t be good to cart around.

  • Reply lipsticklovely July 13, 2015 at 4:50 pm

    I’ve been wondering how these drops worked, I’m so glad you made a review about them! This is so helpful! I really enjoy your blog, so I’ve nominated you here –> for the Liebster Award, I’d love to see your answers! <3

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