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The Best Brushes Ever: Sigma Performance Eyes Kit

January 11, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m going to be reviewing the best brushes ever. No exaggeration. I’m talking about Sigma Beauty brushes. If you are interested in beauty even the littlest bit, you have probably heard of this brand. I now know why, they’re amazing! For Christmas I got the Performance Eyes Kit and as promised in my December Favourites, I’m going to do a complete review. So here goes nothing!

The Kit

The Performance Eyes Kit has 8 brushes in it, all for precise eyeshadow application. It has almost every eye brush you’ll ever need and is reasonably priced for brushes. From the research I’ve done, it seems like Sigma brushes are identical to Mac, but half the price. I don’t own any Mac brushes and now I never will because this brand is perfect for me. Since I started using these brushes I have noticed such a difference in my eyeshadow, especially in how blended it looks. I love each of these brushes and I haven’t reached for any of my old brushes since I got this kit.

The brushes that are included with this kit are:

E56- Lid Shader


E47- Crease Shader

E46- Inner Corner Shader

E21- Smudger

E17- Waterline Liner

E16- Tightline Liner

E11- Eyeliner

*Some of these pictures are really dark, the lighting today isn’t very good and my camera has been acting up. I included links to each brush so if you’re interested you can see them up close 🙂


Left to Right:

Blending, Tightliner, Eyeliner, Waterliner, Lid shader, Smudger, Inner corner shader, Crease shader.

Lid Shader

The Lid Shader brush is a great all over eyeshadow brush. It’s flat and dense, which makes it perfect for putting colour exactly where you want it smoothly. Before I got this I was using a fluffier brush and I think this creates a much smoother look. I don’t need as much eyeshadow because it doesn’t get caught in the bristles of this brush like it did in the fluffier brush.

The next brush in the kit is the Blending brush. This brush is one of my favourites in the kit because it makes everything look so smooth. I can blend the darkest colour with something light and this brush makes it look seamless. It’s much softer and not as dense as some other brushes in the kit, so it doesn’t take off too much eye shadow.


This brush is the Crease Shader brush. it’s almost like a cross between the Lid Shader and the Blending brush, starts off flat like the lid shader with a fluffy top like the blending brush. It fits in my crease perfectly to really add dimension to any eye look.


The 4th brush in the kit is a Smudge brush. This brush is so awesome for blending out your lower lash line. With this brush I’m able to use a dark shadow or pencil and make it look natural and soft. A dark line under your eye isn’t flattering on anyone and this makes sure that everything is blended.


The 5th brush in this kit is a Tightline Liner brush. This is one brush I haven’t played with too much yet, as I suck at tightlining, but I think it’s a great brush to have for intense eye looks. Since I wear contacts I always end up with liner on the lenses which is a royal pain. The brush is long and narrow so it can fill in gaps without poking yourself in the eye.


The next brush included in the Performance Eyes kit is the Waterline Liner brush. This is very similar to the Tightline brush, but it’s a lot shorter. I don’t line my waterline often, but when I do this is great for placing colour on my waterline without slipping into my eye, as I have accidentally done with some thicker brushes. This brush is a great addition to any brush collection as it can be used to put any cream or gel liners on the waterline, as opposed to only using a pencil. I have really been loving ELF’s Cream Liner lately so this is useful to me. I wouldn’t consider this or the tighline brush essential brushes, but they’re nice to have anyway.


The second last brush in this kit is an Inner Corner Shader brush. This brush has a pretty limited use, so I wouldn’t consider it essential, but it does do a nice job brightening up the inner corner of the eye. I have a pet peeve of shimmery eye shadow falling all over my face and with this brush, it places the colour only where I want it and I don’t look like a disco ball, so that’s a plus for me. It’s a pretty dense brush with a tapered end, so it fits perfectly in and around the inner corner.


The last brush in the kit is one of my favourites. It’s the Eyeliner brush. I am really into Cream Eyeliner like I mentioned before and this brush is perfect for it. Before I got this brush I was using a small angle brush to apply my eyeliner and I always found it frustrating to use, as it was too thick and always left a rough looking edge behind. This brush is super, super tiny. Like really, really small. Every time I use this I get a perfect line, with no rough edges. I have used this every day since I got it. It makes my liner look smooth and just an extension of my lashline, which I love. Hands down an essential brush.

My Thoughts on This Kit

That’s all the brushes in the kit and I do think the kit is a great purchase, especially for anyone starting out because with the exception of a small angle brush, it has everything you need in terms of eye brushes. In terms of quality, these brushes are all excellent and in the time since I’ve got them I haven’t had a single instance of shedding. I’ve washed these a few times and they wash up beautifully. I am highly impressed and I will continue to buy my brushes from Sigma in the future. With some of my Christmas money, I ordered a set of face brushes that I have been staring at forever. f anyone is interested in purchasing from Sigma, they are currently offering a coupon code for January, JAN2014 for 10% off. The only thing that does annoy me slightly is that shipping increases depending on how much you buy and I really hate paying for shipping to begin with, so this is a negative for me. I think companies should encourage people to buy their products with incentives on shipping, not by hindering them with extra costs. I can live with this, but it’s annoying anyway.

For anyone who is hesitant about spending the money on this kit, I’ll break it down on what’s essential and what could be skipped if you chose.


Lid Shader

Blending Brush

Smudge Brush

Eyeliner Brush

Crease Shader

Nice, But Not Essential


Waterline Brush

Inner Corner Shader

Overall, I have had a great experience with my Sigma brushes and I would recommend them for sure!

Bye for now!


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