My DIY Project: The Beauty Junkie’s Ultimate Space Saver

February 1, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Today’s post is a bit different than the others that I’ve done and I’m super excited about it. I recently (with some help) created my own magnetic makeup board to store my makeup. So this post will be about the steps I took and some tips if you want to do it yourself.

I currently live in an apartment that can be tricky for storage, so a couple of months back I decided that I needed to create a space for my makeup, as my collection has outgrown our tiny bathroom. I had seen the magnetic makeup board ideas on Pinterest and I decided to make it my own. These are absolutely perfect for dorm rooms because they can be hung with command hooks, so it won’t damage the walls. I love mine so much because I’m a visual person and I like being able to see my products easily. This encourages you to use your products because they don’t get buried in a bag or shoved to the bottom of a drawer.


Many of the ideas I saw on how to make these suggested buying a frame and then attaching a piece of metal to the frame to create the board, but I come from a family of handy people, so my dad built the frame part of it and I painted it. I initially didn’t ask for a tray on the bottom, but it has turned out to be super handy. If you choose the frame route, you can always buy little baskets from most dollar stores to store extra goodies (like the ones made for lockers). I currently use the bottom tray for things that A) aren’t cooperating with me and B) new things, C) things that are awkward to attach.

The most important component of this project is the magnets. If you purchase regular magnets, they just aren’t strong enough to hold the makeup products. With a little research I discovered the best magnets to use are called Neodymium Magnets. They are little earth magnets that are crazy strong. I checked around first to see what local stores sell them and found them to be expensive for how many I would need. A little more research brought me to Etsy. For anyone who isn’t familiar with Etsy, it’s a website with hundreds of online stores all featuring handmade goods. Take a look around, it’s amazing the stuff people are making. I’ve ordered a laptop sleeve from this site before and it couldn’t be more well-made and unique. The store that I got the magnets from is called SupraMagnets and their prices are amazing. I got 100 magnets for $7 including shipping. If you’re not comfortable ordering online, these can be purchased or ordered from your local hardware store, but they are more expensive.

I didn’t realize exactly how small these magnets would be (obviously I’m not great with measurements), but these are the smallest thing I have ever seen. So small that when I picked up the package, I thought they weren’t inside. I actually thought they forgot to put them in, until I held it to the light and saw a tiny row the size of a pencil lead that contained all 100 magnets.They’re that small. The size I ordered is the 3mmx1mm and they work fine, but when I order more I am going to order the 5mmx1mm because some heavier items can take quite a few of the 3mm. So I would suggest the 5mm to anyone who is going to create this project. I imagine some items will still take more than one, so purchase the amount with that in mind. The magnets did take a while to ship, but for the price they’re worth the wait.


I chose to attach the magnets with hot glue because it’s easy enough to remove the magnets if you want. If there’s something I’m not reaching for often, I can easily trade it out and add in something that’s new. My suggestion is to get a wooden skewer to push the magnets into place, as anything metal attaches and pulls the magnets away from the makeup. It’s pretty hard to get the dot of glue smaller than the magnet, so that’s why I suggest this, otherwise trying to push the magnets into place with your fingers is a fast way to get burnt.If you don’t have a skewer, I would suggest wearing a mitt or something to protect your fingers.

Before I attached the magnets, I held each item up to the board to see where it would come in contact with the metal because that’s where you want the magnets. I did this because once you put the glue down, you have to work pretty fast before the glue dries. if it does dry on you, it’s easy to scrape off. The heavier items can take a few magnets, so I used trial and error to figure out how many each item would need. if I put it on the board and it slides, I’ll add another until it’s stable. That’s why it’s important to order extra of the magnets. The items on my board that I showed above took 100 magnets approximately, but the Naked 2 palette is on there so that took quite a few. For items like the Naked 2, it didn’t need any glue because the packaging is metal, so that’s handy.

Overall I’m thrilled with my project and it has saved so much space. I created a makeup space in the corner of our living room and I hung this over my table so that I can easily reach for whatever I want for the day. Not everything I own can be attached, but the majority can be and that’s good enough for me. I love that you can make this completely your own. My plan is to paint the tray hot pink because that’s completely my style, but the possibilities are endless. It’s yours so it should represent you ๐Ÿ™‚

In terms of taking your products traveling after attaching magnets to them, I didn’t notice any difference, the products did not stick together or anything.

I just want to note, that for anyone attempting a DIY project, be careful with glue and any tools. I’m super accident prone, so I try and take all precautions when creating something from scratch. If you don’t know what you’re doing especially if you’re building the frame yourself, ask before attempting!

P.S. if there is any product you can identify from the picture that you want me to review, let me know in the comments below and I will gladly review it for you ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it inspired you to get creative ๐Ÿ™‚

Bye for now!


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