February ELF Haul!

February 10, 2014

Hey Everyone!

I have another ELF haul for you today! I did an ELF haul in December and I really enjoyed it, so I’m back with another. On a side note, I haven’t blogged in more than a week and it’s driving me crazy! My memory card decided to break and I couldn’t remember to get a new one. I am so glad to be back in the swing of things!

So this is what I got in this haul. My friends and I did a combined order during ELF’s 50% Best Seller and New Item sale they had a couple weeks ago. This sale wasn’t as good as the Cyber Monday sale I got (50% off everything), but still good considering it’s already pretty cheap. I’ve had a chance to try some of the products, so I can do a first impression for the things I got.

P.S- please ignore my ratty nails in all the pictures. I’m so lazy about taking nail polish off.


Mineral Face Primer


The first thing(s) I picked up were 2 of ELF’s Mineral Infused Face Primers. These are usually $6 each, but were part of the sale and ended up being $3 each. I got these in the tone correcting green and brightening lavender to mix together. Buying these is an attempt to find a cheaper version of the Stila One Step Correct, that I fell in love with over the break (it’s my sister’s). The consistency of this is a silicone base, whereas the Stila is a cream, but I think this does an awesome job for $3. Mixing them is working out awesome and it should last a while because you don’t need a lot. So far so good, but I’m going to continue to play with them to put them to the test.

Eyebrow Kit


I decided that I would buy something for my eyebrows in this trip. I don’t fill in my eyebrows, just set them with clear brow gel, but I thought I would give this a go. I’m still not sure about this, I need more time to figure out how to best use this. My eyebrows are pretty dark so it just looks odd to me if they get any darker, but I do have small gaps that I’d like to fill. I got it in medium and I’m just not sure if this shade is right for me as it looks a little orange against my natural colour. We’ll see how this goes, but I am a bit iffy if this will be something i use often.

Contouring Blush and Bronzing Cream


A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I didn’t have any cream blushes or bronzers. I’m curious how contouring will look with a cream bronzer, so I picked this up to give it a go, as it was part of the sale. It’s in the colour St. Lucia. I have only swatched the bronzer, but I used the blush playing around the other night and I love the blush. It’s a matte peachy pink type colour that makes your skin look glowy and fresh. It’s super blendable and pigmented. I used a stipple brush to apply it and it turned out nice. I’ve swatched the bronzer and it’s matte as well. It does look like it might be a little orange and it’s not as blendable as the blush, but I’m going to give this a go and see if I like how it contours. Even if I don’t like the bronzer, this is worth it to me just for the blush.

Contouring Blush and Bronzer


The next thing I got is supposed to be the powder version of the last product I mentioned. They look the same in the picture, but they’re quite different. The powder version is shimmery, where the cream is all matte. This one also comes in a variety of shades and the cream only has the one. This is the one that is supposedly a dupe for Orgasm/Laguna by Nars. I can’t say if it is a dupe as I don’t own Orgasm/Laguna, but it is a nice bronzer and blush whether it’s a dupe or not. I haven’t had a lot of time to play with these yet, but they seem to be pretty good. I haven’t used a shimmery blush for a while, so I’m excited to see if I’ll like this. The bronzer seems nice too. It does have some shimmer, but not enough to affect contouring. It doesn’t seem orange when I swatch it, so we’ll see how it interacts with my skin.

Studio Blush


The last face product I got is another Studio Blush, this time in Mellow Mauve. I realized that I didn’t own any rosy toned blushes, which I think are staple winter colours. I already own another studio blush from my last haul in Passion Pink, so I knew this was a safe choice. These blushes are creamy, pigmented as well as super blendable and this shade is no exception. When I first saw it in person, it looked a bit dark, but on it just brings rich warmth to my face and definitely isn’t too dark. I think this is the perfect neutral type shade to go with bolder looks. I will definitely be purchasing more of these blushes, they’re fabulous.


Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick


I didn’t get too many eye products in this trip because I have a couple new palettes, so I’m pretty set, but I did pick up a jumbo Eyeshadow Stick to test out. I picked this up in French Lace, which is like a champagne type colour because I thought it would be a great base to layer under other eyeshadows, but it turns out I’ve found multiple uses for this. I have already tried it as an eyeshadow base and I have no complaints, didn’t crease and my eyeshadow stuck to it beautifully. My most favourite way to use this is on my waterline and lower lashline. It really opens up my eyes and brightens them. I also have used this on my browbone and inner corner. It’s super handy and useful! I will be purchasing these in other shades for sure. For $2, it couldn’t be better!

Lash Extending Mascara


My last eye product is a Lash Extending Mascara. I just got this to test out, as I have never tried and ELF Mascara before. I figure if I like it that would be awesome since it’s only $3. So we will see how it does. I recently picked up a sample of Benefit’s They’re Real and  I am OBSESSED, so I haven’t tried any other mascaras.


It seems like every time I do an ELF haul there is always one category of products that I pick up, this time I got a ton of lip products.

Studio Lip Stain


I got a few of the Studio Lip Stains on this trip because my friends had tried them and I thought they looked really good, so I needed my own. I got these in Red Carpet, Lucky Lady and Fashionista. Red Carpet is a true red that I also own the matching lipstick too, so I thought these paired together would make for a super dramatic red lip to wear out (who am I kidding, I don’t go out). It looks awesome on it’s own too. The next one is Fashonista and I will say right away that I am in love with this colour. It’s a true hot pink and it looks awesome with a neutral eye and winged liner. Love! The last one has yet to be seen. When I went to go pick up my order, I immediately know that the shade in the box wasn’t the right shade. The shade I was sent was like a terracotta colour, that looks awful on me. It wads labelled as Lucky Lady, which is the shade I ordered, but when I checked the website it matched another shade called Bombshell perfectly. The shade I ordered is like a pretty, girly pink. So I contacted ELF and they responded immediately and have already sent me the correct shade in the mail. Awesome customer service! I’ll be excited to get that soon. These have great staying power and pigmentation, but I will say that they stink. I mean actually stink. They literally smell like paint, which is very off-putting to put on your lips. The colour of these is worth it to me, to suck up the smell thankfully!

Essential Lip Stains


The next thing I got sounds similar to the last thing, but they’re a lot different. The Essential ones are in the format of a marker, whereas the Studio ones I mentioned above are like a gloss. I’ve discovered that I really like lip stains because I’m on the go a lot between school and everything else, so I don’t have time to reapply. I like that even when these fade, I still have some colour left so i don’t look washed out. I got these in Nude Nectar and Cherry Bomb. Nude Nectar has nothing nude about it, it’s like a spicy dark red colour and cherry bomb is pretty accurately named, as pinky red shade. These both have great pigmentation and I’ve tested Cherry Bomb and it stays for hours at a time. The marker format is a little odd, but not horrible.

Essential Lipsticks


I decided to pick up some lipsticks to try and build my lip options. These were $1, so I thought it was a good way to test out colours inexpensively. I got these in Flirtatious and Sociable, flirtatious is a coral type colour and sociable is a pinky-red. I’m interested to see how these measure up to ELF’s Studio line of lipsticks that retail for $3 that I got last time. I can already tell that the packaging isn’t as good. It looks cheaper and the tube sticks a bit when you turn it. I haven’t worn these yet, so we’ll see how they do.

Matte Lip Color


I picked up one of ELF’s Matte Lip Colors in Nearly Nude. On the site this looked pretty nude, almost concealer like so I thought after I bought it that it might wash me out, but it turns out it’s the perfect nude shade for my skin tone. One of the Studio lipsticks I bought last time claimed to be nude and it was super peach, but this is actually nude with a slight peach undertone. So that was a good purchase!



Kabuki Face Brush

I picked up a couple of brushes this trip, just to fill some holes in my collection. I got a Kabuki Face Brush for powder because I don’t actually have a true powder brush. This was 50% and it’s perfect for dusting my ELF HD setting powder on. It is so soft. Mmmm.

Professional Bronzing Brush

I’m always on the hunt for tools to make contouring easier, so I picked up this brush to test out. It doesn’t look like it’s great quality, but for $1, I wasn’t expecting it to be anything exceptional. It seems like it will work, I haven’t had time to test it out yet.

Essential Crease Brush

The last brush I got was a $1 “crease” brush that looks like a pencil brush to me that I plan on using on the outer corner for more dramatic eye looks.

Removing Products

Remover Pen


I picked up a remover pen because it’s super handy for quick touch ups. I also got some makeup remover wipes, but I didn’t include a picture because they’re not anything special.


Well there it is, the end of my haul! I hope this post inspired you to go check out www.eyeslipsface.com.

Bye for now!


P.S. My reading week is coming up and I have to get my wisdom teeth out (BLAH) so hopefully I will have lots of time to blog 🙂 I recently got the Naked 3 palette so I plan on reviewing it shortly 🙂



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