Spring Makeup Tutorial!

March 16, 2014

Hey Everyone!

I’m trying something new today, my first tutorial! I have been thinking about making this for a while, but I was pretty hesitant. Today I decided to just try it out and see how it went. Here goes nothing!

The Look

I figured that I’d go for a daytime, not too dark, spring look for today. I’m hoping if I talk about spring enough, it will grace Canada with its presence. I chose the Naked 3 palette because it’s universally flattering on many eye colours and I’ve been loving it.

The Face

Okay so first you want to start with a clean, fresh face.

There I am…face naked on the internet. My flaws are all out there…haha

The next step is to moisturize. Since my skin is normal/dry this is one of the most important steps for me. I use the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer as my daily moisturizer.


I start with a small amount in the palm of my hand and then rub this all over my face until it’s all soaked in. This starts a great base.


The next step is primer. The primer(s) I’m using right now is the ELF Student Mineral Face Primer in 2 shades. I use the Brightening Lavender shade mixed with the Tone Adjusting Green to brighten and counteract redness.


I take a small pump of both and blend them together on the back of my hand before dotting it on my face. This primer works well for me and is pretty inexpensive. Win win? I think so. I then dot the blended colour all over my face and rub it in to blend. This primer is a little oily, so people with oily skin might not like this, but for my dry skin it’s not a problem.

The next face step is foundation. I have been addicted to L’Oreal True Match in N1 (soft ivory) since the day I got it, so that’s what I’ll be using. I’ll be applying this with with my Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush.

I love this foundation, but it needs a pump, so messy!


I just put a little on the back of my hand and then dot it all over my face, just like I did for the primer.


I then blend the foundation all over my face in circular motions and keep buffing until it’s all blended and not streaky. The F80 makes this step really easy. After I get that all blended, I then move onto concealer. I used to do concealer first, but since switching to this brush and the true match, I do it after so I don’t get too much.

For concealer I have been using the Rimmel Wake Me Up in Very Light/Fair along with L’Oreal True Match Lumi Magique to brighten. I love this combination. I apply this with my F86 brush. It’s perfect because it picks up an excess and is super soft so it doesn’t irritate your eye area.


I sweep this combination under my eyes and then use the Wake Me Up on any spots. I put the True Match down the centre of my face as a base highlight. Then I blend until it blends right into my foundation (blend is going to be the word of this post, I can tell).

Here’s what it looks like before it’s blended:


And after:


To set the concealer I use Bare Minerals Concealer in Bisque, which is the lightest shade.


I tap some into the lid and then use my Round Kabuki to apply.


This shows up super dark in the lid for some reason, but it blends right into my skin tone. I swirl the brush into the lid until I’ve picked up the product, then tap it off and press under my eyes. I don’t notice a ton of coverage, but my concealer doesn’t budge with in.

Once my concealer is done, I set my face with my ELF HD Powder to make sure that nothing budges. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone with oily/combo skin. For this I use my ELF Kabuki brush to ensure a light application.


After that, I move onto bronzer. For this look I chose the ELF Contouring Cream, which is my new favourite. I won’t use the blush for this, but just the bronzer side.


To apply this, I’m going to go back to the F86 brush that I used for concealer earlier. I’ll take the end of this since it’s tapered and dip it into the product.


I then paint this on my face where I would normally contour- forehead, sides of my face, under my cheekbones and around my jawline. For all your round or heart shaped ladies out there like me, contouring around your jaw is an essential step to give more shape to your face. It looks like war paint when you’re done.



The picture is making it look orange, but when it’s blended out it’s not orange on my skin tone. Since my skin can be dry, using a cream product is great for adding a glow.

I then use my regular F80 foundation brush and blend, blend blend! For my forehead and sides of my face and blend in cicular motions towards my hairline. For my cheekbones, I start by blending upwards towards my ear and then I use small horizontal motions to smooth out any lines (side to side in very small motions). I’m careful not to use big motions because then you can spread the product too far and then it ends up looking muddy. Around my jawline and under my chin, I blend down to make sure that I don’t have the dreaded line between my face and neck. I keep doing this until there are no lines and it looks natural.


You can see from the picture, it just warmed up my face a little without being obvious.

After bronzer, it’s time for blush. You can of course use any blush you like, as with any products I use, but I chose the ELF HD Liquid Blush in Headliner. For this look I wanted glowy, dewy cheeks and using a cream or liquid helps with that. The colour of this is pinky-rose so it creates a beautiful flushed look.

To apply this, I’ll pump a little bit (you don’t need much) onto my hand and then stipple it on my cheeks, blending upwards as I go.



To make sure the blush isn’t too bright, I just buffed over it with a kabuki brush from Quo.


Once my blush is all blended it’s time to highlight. For this look I’m going to use Benefit High Beam, since that was one of my Bought it, Forgot it products.


I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to use this and so far the best way is to swipe some onto your hand, dip a brush into it and then sweep on the areas you want to highlight. I used the end of a small blush brush for this step. This particular highlighter is pretty shimmery, so it’s best to build it up slowly rather than slather it on.



After I’m done highlighting, I’ll go back and contour anywhere else that needs it (nose, under my lip etc.) and highlight my nose, forehead and cupid’s bow.

The Finished Face:


The Eyes

Now that the face is complete, I’ll move onto my eyes which is the fun part. To start, I’ll prime my eyes to make sure all the shadows stick and stay put. I just finished my sample of the Original Urban Decay Primer Potion, so I decided to use the “Eden” version next, which also came with the Naked 3. You can use any primer you like for this step.


This primer is much thicker than the original version and is more like a concealer to me. A little goes a long way, I discovered. I just took a little and dotted it on my eyelids and then blended with my finger until you couldn’t see it anymore.


Blended out:


Next I used my ELF Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in French Lace. This is a pinky-champagne colour, which compliments the Naked 3 palette I’ll be using perfectly.


I drew this on my eyelids and then blended with my finger until it was smooth.


On top of French Lace, I used the lightest shade (farthest left) in the Naked 3 palette, called Strange, which is a cream type colour with a pink undertone.

I did touch up some concealer at this point for some spots that were still visible.


I put this on the inner half of my eye, from the inner corner right until the middle. For this I used a Flat Shader E56 brush.


Next, I picked up a mauve shade called Limit and put that just above my crease as a transition shade.I applied this with a fluffier crease brush, the E47 brush.


I then went over the edges with an E25 blending brush to smooth the edges.

Next I picked up Burnout, which is a pink shade with an orangey undertone that I thought would compliment the lip colour I picked for later. I picked this up on the Flat Shader again and put in on the outer corner of my eye, overlapping slightly with the first colour, Strange. To make sure it was blended nicely I used small horizontal motions (side to side to blend) with the brush where the 2 colours meet to mix them. I then used the E25 blending brush again to smooth out Burnout.


I realized later that I’d missed a spot and touched it up later on.

Next I decided to use my ELF crease brush, which I use like a pencil brush and picked up Nooner, which is a darker version of Limit and put it in my outer v and in the crease. You could easily darken this up if you wanted with some of the darker shades in the palette, but I decided to keep this as a daytime look.

After this…you’ll never guess…blend!

I then took Strange again and put it in the inner corner of my eye and under my brow bone. I then decided that this didn’t show up enough, so I brought out the Naked 2 palette and used Bootycall (farthest left) to add some more highlight.

And that’s it for eyeshadow!

Now onto eyeliner. I decided that a thin black winged eyeliner would add some more interest to this look. I used my usual go to eyeliner, which is the ELF Cream Eyeliner in black and I applied it with my E11, a teeny tiny eyeliner brush.


I dipped my brush in to coat all sides and then wiped off any excess on the side of the pot, so it was just coated but not clumpy


Starting with small strokes just out from the corner of my eye, I made a fine line ending in a slight flick upwards. I always start fine and then go back and make it thicker if I decide. It’s much easier to make it thicker than to try and make it thinner. Of course the wings on my eyeliner didn’t match (not out of the ordinary) so I took the end of a q-tip and touched up until they looked pretty similar. Not exact, but as close as it was going to get. After the wing was done, I took the very tip of the brush and filled in the inner corner with very fine liner. I find this is the best technique to make sure I don’t get too much eyeliner in the corner of my eye, which can make your eyes look small.


So you can see, a very fine line to help thicken the lash line, but not too much for a day in spring 🙂

After liner, I lined my bottom lash line with my Smudge E21 brush. For this I picked up a mix of Factory with Liar on top and lined my lower lashline just slightly more than halfway. I then used the smudge brush to blend until it was smooth and a little smoked out. It didn’t look quite dark enough so I added a tiny bit of Darkside (the darkest colour in the palette) to the brush and blended that in.

Next I curled my eyelashes with my Quo eyelash curler, tilting the curler slightly upwards to get a really good curl.


Next I used my ELF Mascara Primer to give my lashes a kick start. This primer will make any good mascara awesome, I swear by it.

It’s hard to see what exactly this does because it dries clear, but it definitely makes a difference.


Mascara is next and I’ll be using my new favourite, which is Benefit They’re Real. This is right in every way.



Lips are the last step in this tutorial. First, I’m going to apply a lip balm. This is optional but my lips have been pretty dry so I needed to.


For this look I decided to do a coral lip to play up the orange in the eyes and because coral is a great springy colour. You can of course use any lipstick, but I’m using the Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Coral Blossom. This lipstick is smooth but I was noticing that it was a bit clumpy, so I added a clear gloss to smooth everything out. The gloss I used was the Too Faced Lip Injection, which is a plumping gloss which I like because I don’t have full lips.



Finished Look!



The Breakdown:


Simple Light Moisturizer

ELF Mineral Primer in Brightening Lavender and Tone Adjusting Green

L’Oreal True Match Foundation in N1 Soft Ivory

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in Very Light/Fair

L’Oreal True Match Lumi Magique Concealer/ Highlighter

Bare Minerals Concealer in Bisque

Elf HD Powder- Transluscent

ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Cream (bronzer only)

ELF HD Blush in Headliner

Benefit High Beam


Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden

ELF Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in French Lace

Naked 3- Strange, Limit, Nooner, Burnout, Factory, Liar and Darkside

Naked 2- Bootycall

ELF Cream Liner in black

ELF Mascara Primer

Benefit They’re Real


Heather’s Cocoa Mint Lip Balm

Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Coral Blossom

Too Faced Lip Injection


Sigma Flat Top Kabuki F80

Sigma Tapered Kabuki F86

Sigma Lid Shader E56

Sigma Smudge Brush E21

Sigma Crease Brush E47

Sigma Liner E11

Sigma Blending E25 (travel size)

ELF Small Stipple Brush

ELF Crease Brush

Quo Eyelash Curler

Quo Kabuki Brush

ELF Kabuki

So that’s the look, a simple daytime spring face! Let me know what you think of this kind of post, I’m curious since this is my first one. Also if you do this look, I’d love to see it 🙂

Bye for now!















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  • Reply Jules March 16, 2014 at 7:36 pm

    Great post! Very thorough 😀
    Your skin is amazing even before the foundation. Lucky!

    • Reply Chelsey March 16, 2014 at 7:40 pm

      Thank you, glad you enjoyed 🙂

  • Reply Be Amazing Brittani March 19, 2014 at 6:57 pm

    Your look turned out awesome! I too discovered the same thing about the primer 🙂

    • Reply Chelsey March 19, 2014 at 7:54 pm

      Thank you 🙂 Ya it’s great for being so inexpensive.

  • Reply eleseaesthete March 20, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    You look super fresh and super glowing! I use heaps of these products myself, great post! x

    • Reply Chelsey March 20, 2014 at 9:32 pm

      Thank you, that’s very nice 🙂 Ya I like a mix of affordable with a few high end mixed in. Thanks for checking out my post!

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