Collection Series Part 2: Highlighters

November 13, 2014

Hi Everyone!

I’m back with part 2 of my collection series! If you missed the first post, this is a series where I go through different parts of my collection, look at what I have and give mini reviews on each product. It was a tie between highlighters and eyeshadow palettes on the poll of my blush collection post, so I decided to do highlighters first and then follow with palettes. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I’m a self-proclaimed glow junkie- I love a good highlight. I think it really makes your skin look healthy and fresh, so I am constantly looking for the best highlights I can find. So without anymore chatter, let’s take a peek into my highlighter collection.

MAC Cream Color Bases

MACCreamColorBases ColorBasesSwatch

The first 2 highlighters I have in my collection are MAC Cream Color Bases. These are cream highlighters that you can stipple on or tap on with your finger and blend out. I have Hush which is a medium peach shade with subtle shimmer. This is quite a bit darker than most of my other highlighter, but I can still wear it as highlight. It works really well with bronzey looks as it adds almost a sunkissed type highlight to the face. In addition to using this lightly as a highlight, it can be stippled onto the cheeks to make a great blush base. This works on my fair skin, but it would also work excellent on darker skin. The second shade is Shell, which is much lighter and more shimmery than Hush. It’s a nude-pink shade that is perfect on fair skin. I really like these because they’re versatile, they can be built up or toned down or used on other areas of the face. These almost create the dewy, wet look which I like on my normal-dry skin since I get no glow whatsoever on my own.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick- Pink Quartz


The next highlighter in my collection is stunning! It’s the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink Quartz, a multi-toned iridescent pink shade. This is really beautiful, it’s not too intense on, but not subtle either, it’s just the perfect level of intensity that you look glowy, but not like a disco ball. These shimmer bricks are awesome because you can place your brush in whatever combination of shades you want to create whatever tone you like, or swirl them all together which is what I like to do. The packaging is a bit big on this, but you get a quite a bit of product.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish- Soft and Gentle

MACSoftandGentle SoftandGentleSwatch

The third highlighter in my collection is a cult favourite product. I can’t say that I love it as much as it’s hyped up to be, as it’s a bit subtle for my taste. It is a really soft bronze shade, that is not too dark to be worn on fair skin. I don’t want to look like a disco ball obvious, but I do like some good glow going on. I like this for light/natural makeup days, but on a day with a full face, it’s not quite enough for me. For people who like a very soft glow, then I think this is a good pick.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector- Opal


The next highlighter in my collection is one that lived up to the hype for me. This highlighter is very popular and I resisted getting it for a long time since it’s really pricey, but I’m glad I got it. I have not put this down since I got it, it gives me pretty intense glow which I love. This is a champagne gold shade that does have some glitter. I’m not a huge fan of straight up glitter on the cheek since I think it emphasizes skin imperfections, but when applied with a fan brush, none of the glitter translates onto your skin.

Gerard BB Plus Illumination


The Gerard BB Plus Illumination highlighter is 1 of 2 liquid highlighters in my collection. I had high hopes for this, but it’s not my favourite. I expected to get intense glow from this, but for some reason it just doesn’t really translate strongly on my skin. I also find the format of this to be a big pain in the ass honestly. The pump is sticky and shoots out way too much, just making a mess. I’m not sure if I just haven’t figured out how to best apply this, but as for right now it’s just not all I thought it would be. Win some, lose some right?

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer


The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer is not for the faint hearted- this stuff is intense. This doesn’t have any glitter, but put on too much and you will look like a disco ball. With a careful hand this is a great highlighter, the white gold champagne shade really compliments fair skin.

Stila Shimmer Duo- Kitten

StilaKitten StilaKittenSwatch

The second last highlighter in my collection is a great natural looking highlighter with terrible packaging. This highlighter is beyond soft, the powder is super finely milled which doesn’t pair well with it’s cheap packaging. I dropped this once from not even 2 feet and it smashed into a billion pieces. It’s a shame because this is a good highlighter, but the packaging ruins it for me. This is perfect for highlighter newbies because it can be built up, but it’s not super intense. I usually go for stronger highlights, but I really liked this one, the tone really compliments my skin.

Benefit High Beam


The last highlighter in my collection is Benefit’s High Beam. This was my first ever highlighter and I loved it at first, but my tastes have changed a bit since I purchased this. I tend to go for warmer shades now in my highlighters, so this just isn’t something I reach for. This isn’t a natural looking highlight since it’s very cool toned and pink. I find it a bit almost ashy looking. I would not recommend this for medium or deep skin, I just don’t think this shade would be complimentary. It’s by no means awful, but just not my taste anymore.

So there you have it, you have now peeked into my highlighter collection! I hope you enjoyed this post, leave me a comment below telling me your favourite highlighter or one you’re lusting over!

Bye for now,


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  • Reply Arielle Tan November 13, 2014 at 9:52 pm

    Love your picks! These products are so amazing <3

    • Reply Chelsey November 14, 2014 at 1:12 am

      Thank you, highlighter is one of my favourite makeup items!

  • Reply mandarie14 November 13, 2014 at 10:01 pm

    Such a fun post! I love highlighters and have a few of these. I’ve always wanted Becca Opal though…it just look absolutely gorgeous!

    • Reply Chelsey November 13, 2014 at 10:09 pm

      Ya i really enjoy writing these kind of posts! Becca Opal is gorgeous, too bad there’s no dupe because it’s crazy expensive!

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