Cranberry and Olive Halo Eye: Tutorial ft. ColourPop

February 22, 2015

Hi Everyone!

I recently reviewed ColourPop’s Supershock Shadows and I have been loving them so I thought, why not show these off in a tutorial? So that’s what I’m going to do today. So let’s get started!

To being I already put on my base and my brows (as usual) to keep the length of this post reasonable.


Step One

Step One open step 1 closed

I totally forgot to prime my eyelids, so usually I would do that first. But today I went in with the transition shade first. For this I mixed ColourPop’s Desert which is matte camel brown and Cop a Feel which is a cream shade similar to my skintone. Desert is just a bit too warm to be used alone as a transition shade on my skintone, but mixed with Cop a Feel it’s perfect.

Step Two

step 2 open step 2 closed

Now we’re going to focus on the crease and the halo part of this eye look. For that we’re going to use Hustle which is a stunning cranberry shade. These kind of reddish, purple type shades are an amazing alternative to brown or black for hazel or green eyes, as it gives great depth while it really enhances your eye colour. Of course any eye colour can wear this kind of shade, it really does look beautiful on everyone. So what we’re going to do is first put this shade throughout the crease. I started with a fluffy blending type brush, but quickly switched to a much smaller crease brush as I decided I wanted to step to be a little more precise. I put this through the crease, but also continued the colour into both the outer and inner corners to create that halo effect. You should basically have a little gap right in the centre of the lid when you’re done, the rest covered by Hustle. Once you get the colour to the intensity you want you can blend out the edges so it’s nice and seamless.

Once I got Hustle down, I did add a little bit of Bandit, just to cut the purple hue slightly.

Step Three

step 3 open step 3 closed

Now time to fill in the gap. For that we’re going to use the shade So Quiche which is this amazing olive shade with purple reflects running through it. I initially used a flat shader brush to get the colour exactly where I wanted it and then used my finger to intensify it. I also took the brush I used in my crease and ran it over the edges where the olive met the cranberry to blend it all together.

For this look I’m going to skip liner all together, as I think it would take away from the halo effect.

Step Four

Step 4

Now that the lid is done, it’s time to address the lower lashline. We are going to basically mimic what we did on the lid. So first I used a flat definer brush and pressed Hustle into the lashline from inner to outer corner. I then took Bandit on a pencil brush and smoked everything out. To add in the pop of colour we did on the lid, I took So Quiche on a pencil brush and put it directly in the centre of the lower lashline, like right under your where your pupil is.

Step Five

IMG_6343  IMG_6349

Now time for mascara. I’m skipping falsies for this look, so I’m just using a couple of generous coats of Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara.

Step Six

Now that the eyes are complete, I’m going to finish off the face. I contoured with Benefit Hoola Bronzer and then added Benefit Rockateur Blush. I blended them out with a duo fiber brush and then highlighted with the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink Quartz.

Step Seven

Now for lips. I wanted something soft so it wouldn’t compete with the eyes, but nothing too light. I lined my lips with Milani’s Color Statement Lipliner in Nude and then filled in my lips with Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Nude Creme.

Here is the finished look!

IMG_6367finished look closed

So there you have it! Leave me a comment below with your favourite ColourPop combinations!

Bye for now!


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