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Firmoo Online Optical Store Review* and Makeup Tips For Glasses

March 12, 2015

Hi Everyone!

I have a bit of a different review for you today. Some of you may or may not know that I have been a glasses wearer for 15 years, so when I was contacted by Firmoo and invited to try out a pair of their glasses I was excited! Any glasses wearer knows that the process of getting glasses can be tedious and is almost always expensive. So when I saw the prices that Firmoo offers ($30-$50) I’ll admit I was skeptical. Could they really make decent glasses and offer them at more than decent prices? I decided to accept their offer and see for myself. Today I’m going to share my experience using the Firmoo website, the quality of the glasses and who I think should try this site out. i will also include some tips for makeup for glasses, as wearing glasses is always an extra challenge. These glasses were sent to me BUT I would never recommend something to you that I wouldn’t personally buy or recommend to any of my friends. So that’s more than enough blabbering and I’ll get to it.

The Site

Okay so Firmoo offers a HUGE range of glasses. Although there was a smaller selction for me to pick from, I still felt very overwhelmed at first with all the options. To help you decide, they allow you to upload a picture to see what you’ll look like in those particular frames. Although this concept is a good idea, if you don’t upload the ideal picture it just looks very distorted on your face. Some of the glasses just look gigantic in the picture I chose. I would play around with different pictures to find one that looks proportionate if you’re planning on using this feature. After years of wearing glasses I know what shape suits my face, so I kind of had a starting point but if you’ve never worn glasses, I think that might be a challenge.You can always go into a store just to browse to see what you like. You can also browse frames by shape on the site4 so if you know what shape you like like I did, this makes looking for frames super easy!

Here’s a couple pictures to show what I mean about the picture feature. The first picture is a picture that doesn’t work with this feature, and the second is slightly better.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 1.17.01 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 1.17.09 AM

These are not what I chose in case you’re wondering.

In order to order and use this site for prescription glasses, you will need your full prescription information of course, including your PD (pulpillary distance) and the strength. I wear contacts most of the time and those didn’t have all the information I needed, which meant I needed to get ahold of my full prescription. When I called the place where I got my last pair of glasses they wanted to charge me $70 just to give me my PD. I nearly choked at that. Seriously? I wasn’t going to pay that, so I called my eye doctor and they emailed me my full prescription with no issues. You can measure your own PD if needed, and there’s tons of instructions online to do so. I also have astigmatism so I did need the full prescription anyway. This hiccup might pose a challenge for some, so I wanted to note it. Firmoo makes it super easy to get prescription glasses, as you can enter your prescription details or upload your prescription and they will take care of the details. They offer non-prescription glasses as well.

After the initial shock of all the options, I found their site to be very easy to work with. I received my glasses exactly 1 week after I placed my order, but I did notice that they included express shipping so I’m not sure how fast they would be for other shipping options.

The Glasses



IMG_6443 IMG_6447


Like I said, I was a bit skeptical on how these would be when I received them. The glasses came with a nice case, a really good cleaning cloth and a little key chain screwdriver. The screwdriver is a nice touch, I have had screws come loose in my glasses before and being able to fix it myself would have been way easier.

Since I’ve been wearing glasses for so long, I wouldn’t consider myself super gentle with my glasses anymore. So these were put through several days of my normal wearing patterns. I pretty much wear my glasses most weekends since I work from home and pretty much look like a bum Friday-Monday. So these have been well-tested by me.  The frames I chose have metal arms, whereas my other pair of glasses are all plastic, so these are actually better quality then what I had. I wanted something not too out there when I chose, but with something interesting, so the shape and pattern of the arms are what attracted me to this pair. I was skeptical at first like I said but after wearing these constantly they are really good quality.

In total the pair that I chose would have cost $65 including the expressing shipping. Without shipping, $53 including lenses. Considering glasses can be hundreds of dollars, this is a steal.

The one downside to ordering online is that you’re not able to get adjustments if needed. I’m not sure if you took these to an eye place if they would adjust them, maybe not if you didn’t buy them there. The pair I chose luckily did not need any adjusting on me, but it would have been a pain if they did. Just important to note I think.

Who should try this?

Occasional glasses wearers– if you only need glasses some of the time this is perfect because they are so inexpensive.

People without benefits or health coverage– This is a great way to get good glasses and not break the bank.

People who are looking for something trendy- If you’re just looking to pick up a trendy pair this is an awesome site because you’re not investing a ton of money in something that will likely go out of style (remember when huge nerd glasses made their comeback? Ya that’s what I mean)

So overall I’m very happy with the service I received from Firmoo and the glasses, they exceeded my expectations. You can purchase your own pair at and they are currently offering 50% off your first pair of frames (not the lenses), if you use this link

So lastly I’ll leave a couple of tips I’ve picked up on wearing makeup with glasses.


1. Focus on brightening and opening up the eyes. When you wear glasses the focus is already drawn to the eyes, so really play them up. Use a skin tone pencil in your waterline and light shadows to make your eyes look super open. If you use colours that play up your eye colour it’s even better to enhance the attention that’s going to be on your eyes. You can of course wear whatever you want, but this is my favourite kind of look with glasses.

2. Curl your lashes! It helps to open up your eyes, but it also makes sure that you won’t end up with mascara dots all over your glasses, which is beyond irritating.

3. Brows are key! I cannot stress enough how important your brows are for makeup with glasses. When I didn’t fill on my brows, the straight edge of the frames exaggerated the unevenness of my brows. It wasn’t that noticeable without glasses, add glasses and you look lopsided. Fill them in to even them out, they frame your face and it really does look better with glasses.

4. Get a close-up mirror. This last tip is for the blindest of blind. I can’t see anything without glasses or contacts so if I’m going to do my makeup without contacts in I can’t see without a close up mirror. It seriously makes your life so much easier in general, but especially if you’re visually challenged like me.

So there you have it, leave your tips for wearing makeup with glasses down below!

Bye for now!


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  • Reply Brooke Joseph November 4, 2015 at 11:38 pm

    I agree that eyebrows are really important with women who wear glasses. When you can get them just right, they help your glasses in framing and complimenting your eyes. You have some serious skill! Honestly, you really have a gift for this so thank you for sharing!

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