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Makeup Geek Duochrome Collection- Swatches and First Impression Review

October 5, 2015

Hi Everyone!

I got some pretty exciting mail last week and I can’t wait any longer to share with you. A couple of weeks ago Makeup Geek launched a brand new collection and I decided to order the complete collection. Makeup Geek has really affordable products and I wanted to try the whole collection to test it out. I actually don’t own any of Makeup Geek eyeshadows, so I kind of just dove in. I did own 2 of their blushes at one point, but they didn’t last on my skin for some reason, so I passed them along.

The collection has 12 pan eyeshadows and 8 pigments. A lot of people seemed to pass on the pigments, saying that they’re too messy, but I love pigments and use them pretty often so I was super excited to see pigments as part of this collection. Plus if you’re going to go duochrome, pigments are one of the best ways to do it, since they don’t push the 2 colours together, which makes them even more reflective.


The shadows were $6 USD each, when purchased individually. The pigments were $12 USD individually. She did offer bundles that were slightly discounted which is what I did. Overall it was reasonably priced. $12 might seem like a lot for a pigment but when you compare to the MAC to-go sized pigments ($10USD/ $12CAD) you get 0.5 grams more product with MUG, which is a lot for a pigment (3g vs 2.5 gram).

Shade Selection

There are some amazing shades in this collection. Marlena did a good job at picking both warm and cool tones, along with dark and light shades. There are a few shades between the pigments and pans that are a little similar and I might have picked 1 of the 2, but I suppose if you don’t like pigments then you can have a similar shade.



The outer packaging for this collection blew me away. The duochrome boxes were so stunning and you can just tell how much time went into this collection. The actual packaging for the pan shadows is very basic obviously- just a metal pan. It’s perfect because I never reach for single shadows, but I put these in a Z-Palette and I know they’ll get lots of use this way. You will need to buy a z-palette or something to house them which is an extra cost, but I don’t mind at all.


The packaging for the pigments was talked about a lot during this launch, although not always for good reason. To my understanding, the new sifters MUG got caused some cracking during shipping. I initally thought that the issue was only 1 crack on 1 jar, but once I screwed and unscrewed the lids a few times, the threads on the jar started to break into pieces. I am going to contact the company to get some new jars when they can. Despite the issues, the jars are amazing packaging in terms of looks. I love the embossed logo on top.


Okay so now that I’ve yammered on enough, let’s get to the swatches.

Pan Eyeshadows

I’ll give a little disclaimer first: these are almost impossible to capture on camera, as I discovered. Photos really don’t do them justice. Hopefully you get the basic idea from my pictures.

Typhoon-This shade is a deep teal that’s more on the green side, with a strong gold reflect.


Rockstar- This shade was already part of the regular collection and was re-promoted during this collection. I’ll be honest and say this isn’t my favourite. I mean it is wearable, but it’s just kind of blah. With a collection as exciting as this, this one was a low note for me. This shade is a muted silver with very subtle pink reflects. This hardly shows up in the photograph, but it is a very subtle shade to begin with.


Secret Garden- This shade is almost a twist on blue-brown pigment. Instead of blue it’s a deep green and the base is dark brown and purple. This would make a stunning smokey eye on every skin tone. I did notice that this shade didn’t stick to the skin as well as some of the others. When I was swatching, it was picking back up on my finger.


Phantom- This shade looks very light purple in the pan, but on it looks exactly like if you wear white in a glow in the dark room. Very wearable, but a nice pop of colour. It is similar to Blacklight another pan in the collection, just lighter and more pink.


Havoc- Havoc is a very warm brown base, with green and gold reflects on top. This is such a different shade; I don’t own many greens.


Mai Tai- This is a really unique shade, but I’m not sure how to wear it. I don’t reach for a ton of pink on my eyes so I’ll need to play around with this one. It’s almost a salmon type base with bright pink reflects.


Steam Punk- This shade is a deep blackened bronze-brown. It’s beautiful and would look amazing on blue eyes, but it’s not the most duochrome to me. What I mean is that some are so obviously duochrome, you turn your arm and it looks totally different. I don’t get that with this one, but still really pretty. I almost get a navy base with it, but maybe I’m imagining that. This one is insanely pigmented.


Ritzy- This shade has a warm, red-brown base with a brassy green-gold reflect on top. I don’t reach for a ton of warm golds, but this I really like.


Karma- Karma is a bright yellow gold, that reflects green in the light. This is so stunning and would look amazing with a red brown in the crease for a holiday look.


Blacklight- Blacklight is one of my favourites, as it has a very obvious duochrome. This looks like a metallic lilac, but when it hits the light it’s blue. So cool. Like I said, this is similar to Phantom, but I like this better, it’s a little brighter. They would actually look amazing together, as a gradient effect.


I’m Peachless– Cheesiest name ever haha. The base of this is super close to my skin tone, so it shows up super subtle on my skin tone-as a soft orange with bright pink reflects. This is pretty, but nothing spectacular in my opinion.


Voltage-  This shade is really unique. It’s a soft white base, with tons of yellow reflects in it- making it come across as a bright white gold. This is extremely wearable.



All the swatches were applied wet. This is how I always wear pigments, since it amplifies the finish and helps with fallout. I highly recommend using a very thin, flat brush to apply these. My favourite brush for these is the Sigma Lid Shader. It’s basically has no density, which is perfect to press on pigment. I tried it with a regular shader and it applied a little clumpy. I was able to smooth it out with my finger, but to do it perfectly in 1 shot, just use a super flat brush.

Hologram- I initially thought this shade was going to be similar to Mai Tai, but it’s totally different. This initially looks coral, but when it reflects it goes gold and then green. So unique.


Prism- I’ll admit, I was a little worried about this shade. It looks super white in the jar and I was thinking it might look chalky. Not at all. When I got this on my lid, it looks nothing like it does in the jar. On, it looks like a light pinky gold. I highly recommend this one. This one really didn’t translate in photos unfortunately.


Kaleidoscope- This shade has a medium grey base with strong purple and pink shimmer. It also reflects green in some lights.


Wildfire- A red-pink base with a strong gold reflect. Like Mai Tai, I’m not sure how I’ll wear this one yet.


Sugar Rush- This looks like pure white snow in the jar, but when it hits the light- it’s all teal, all the time with a little purple thrown in there. This one is so intense, but it didn’t translate in the photo 🙁


Mood Ring- This shade is like a more pigmented version of rockstar, but a little more purple. I like this shade more than Rockstar and it would look amazing with black for a smokey eye. This reminds me so much of  grape Fun Dip for some reason.


Chameleon- This shade screams mermaid to me. It’s a deep sea foam green with lots of gold in it. I wore this with a matte purple and it really complimented well.


Insomnia- Lastly is Insomnia, a re-promote. This is extremely similar to blue-brown from MAC, but still a gorgeous shade. I love shades like this because it can be a 1 shadow look. You can put it all over and blend out the crease; the blue will go away wear you blend, leaving you with a warm brown base surrounding the blue.


In all I’m really enjoying this collection; it’s bumping me out of a neutral rut. I think both parts of the collection are worth the money, but if I had to pick 1 part I’d go with the pigments. I just love a super metallic eye and the pigments nail that for me.

Let me know in the comments- what do you think of this collection?

Bye for now!



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  • Reply LauraJoli LookingJoliGood October 5, 2015 at 9:31 pm

    Those are some beautiful colors!

  • Reply dolledupbyj October 15, 2015 at 12:11 am

    These are so gorgeous!! I actually really like “I’m peachless”! It’d be a fun way to play up a neutral look. Great post!

    • Reply Chelsey October 15, 2015 at 12:12 am

      I’m thinking that I’m Peachless might make a pretty face highlight

      • Reply dolledupbyj October 15, 2015 at 12:13 am

        That’s a great idea too!

        • Reply Chelsey October 15, 2015 at 12:13 am

          I’ll have to try it and see how it looks! It’s very subtle on the lid. It would probably make a great topper shade too, to brighten up other shades

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