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April 29, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Lately I have tried some products that really did not live up to my expectations and I thought I’d share them.

Estee Edit The Edgiest Up and Out Mascara*

DSC00857 (1)

I really wanted to like this mascara, but it just missed the mark. This is an odd formula, it’s super wet and sticky which makes it virtually impossible to remove. I felt like I was scrubbing to get it off and my lashes were just sticking together and smudging the mascara around. Plus if I accidentally got some on my face when I was applying it, it didn’t flake off like mascara normally does. This mascara had 2 wands and even though I didn’t mind the small wand, I couldn’t even use the bigger wand because it had so much excess product on it and just made everything look so clumpy.

MAC Mineralize Blush- Warm Soul


I loved this at first and even put it in a favourites post, but the more I wore it, I stopped liking the way it looked. This is such a pretty shade, but it makes my skin look terrible. Every time I wear this I feel like it accentuates every imperfection on my face.

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip- Donut


I have been loving my Colourpop lippies, except for this one. This one is not like the others. The formula on this is very uneven and streaky making it impossible to apply evenly. It also settles badly into lip lines which isn’t a great look. I’m not quite sure why this is so different from the other Colourpop matte lips I’ve tried.

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging 3 Minute Shine Boost


If you’ve been reading for a while then you know that hair is not really my thing. I do care for my hair since it’s colour-treated but I don’t spend a ton of time on it; I’d rather spend the time on my makeup to be completely honest. This looked promising but even if I made an effort to keep it away from my roots, it always made my hair look greasy. I have thick hair so I don’t usually have this problem. If it weighed down my thick hair, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for fine hair. I also didn’t notice any visible shine so that makes this a fail.

Tres Semme Beauty-Full Volume- Conditioner*


According to this system you are supposed to condition with this first and then shampoo after. The whole idea of this did confuse me from the beginning, but I gave it a try. This left my hair feeling dry and looking greasy super fast, which doesn’t happen to me very often.

Makeup Geek Sparklers


I was so excited for these to launch, but they just didn’t live up to my expectations. I ordered a few shades of these and I found them to be pretty inconsistent. When I applied these they didn’t apply evenly and left patches where less pigment stuck and looked blank. When I tried to touch up the blank spots, it got all chunky and gloopy looking. They never really sat nicely on the lid and if it did, it was so much work to get it that way. I really prefer my other glitters over these. Plus, the packaging on these is horrible. Every time I did go to use these I would find glitter all over everything.

So there you have it! What products have missed the mark for you lately?

Bye for now!




*The Estee Edit Mascara was sent to me by The Estee Edit and the Tres Semme Beauty-Full Volume system was sent to me by Tres Semme.


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