Makeup Collection and Storage 2016

May 20, 2016
Vanity- Full View

Hi Everyone!

I recently re-did my vanity so I thought I would share how I’m storing my makeup now. I love seeing how other people organize their makeup and it has given me a ton of great ideas on storing my own collection. It has been quite a while since I shared my collection, so an update was long overdue as well. Also major shout-out to my sister for making the new vanity a reality. She led the building (let’s just say I’m no Bob the Builder, even with IKEA furniture) and helped me execute my vision. This post is going to be long, so grab some popcorn and settle in!


I’m so excited to have a new vanity; this was a long time coming. Before this, I had converted my school desk into a vanity as our bathroom is way too small (and yellow :/) to get ready in. The desk worked for me for nearly 3 years, but it was just too small so it basically looked forever cluttered with stuff. I added an Alex Drawer almost 2 years ago to house my growing collection, which definitely helped, but I still felt squished into this space. I had been wanting a corner vanity for so long but I didn’t think it would work in the space we’re in now. After some brief measuring, I realized that it would actually work and now I finally have the corner vanity that I pictured for such a long time!


Makeup Setup\

My last Makeup Collection and Storage Post (Sept 2014)


Vanity- Full View

Now I have way more space and it just looks much cleaner and more my style. Now I’m going to go through each part of my vanity and show you how I store my makeup. I was also facing the wall before with a window to my left, which was making it super hard to see on bright days.  Now, I face the window and can ready in get natural light.

New Desk:

Tabletops: 37″


Drawers linked below

Vanity Top

I’m trying to keep the top of my vanity pretty clean so that it doesn’t end up cluttered like my old vanity often looked. Mainly it’s stuff that I like to have within reach and use often.

Vanity- left side

Starting on the left side I have my lamp, which is the same lamp from my last setup. I was going to replace this with something that went more with the colour scheme I have now, but honestly now that I’m facing the window I haven’t needed to use this. I’m sure I’ll eventually replace this but it’s fine for now. I usually have my close up mirror here too. I definitely recommend a close-up mirror in addition to a full-size mirror, it makes it so much easier

Next to my lamp I have a ceramic owl that holds my lip liners. I have moved my lip liners around a ton but the best place for them is somewhere where I can easily see the colour choices. The ceramic owl is from Michaels.

Next I have my brushes. These have to be out since they are essential to any makeup look. The mirrored holders are from Homesense. Next to that I have a plain white tray that I got from the dollar store a long time ago. I use this to house misc. stuff just so it looks contained.

vanity right side

Moving along to the middle of the vanity, I have the majority of my lipsticks. I need my lipsticks out where I can see them so that I remember to use them and don’t resort to wearing the same lip colour every day for the rest of my life (it could happen…). Most of the lipsticks are in this lipstick tower that I purchased from Zahra Beauty a couple of months ago. It holds quite a few lipsticks and it spins which is beyond satisfying. To hold my MAC lipsticks I purchased this acrylic lipstick holder from Homesense.

Behind the lipsticks has become sort of the focal point of the vanity, my big mirror. I didn’t have a full size mirror with my old vanity and since adding this I have fallen in love. It’s so nice for checking my makeup before I leave the house and making sure that my small mirror did not deceive me haha. This mirror was also from Homesense.

Just past the mirror we have my perfumes, body sprays and lotions. These were a huge mess on my old vanity so this time I have contained them to a tray so they don’t get out of line. It’s hard to tell but the tray is shaped and textured like a leaf, which was a unique detail I really liked. The tray is from Homesense (do we have a theme here or what?).

Next to the perfume tray I have a small acrylic drawer set. I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with this after my new vanity was all set up, but now it houses liquid lipsticks and glosses. I have discovered that if I shove these away then they never get used. This way I can see them and remember to use them.

On the wall I now store my pigments and Colourpop eyeshadows in an nail polish rack. This was holding nail polishes for a long time, but I am a god-awful nail painter so it makes more sense to use this space for pigments instead. Now that I can see all of these clearly I think they will get a lot more love.

That’s it for the top of my vanity, now onto the collection!

My makeup is currently housed in 2 IKEA Alex 5 drawer sets. I had one of these included in my old vanity like I mentioned and everything fit, but not with a ton of room to spare. By adding a second set of drawers I now have room to spare. In my previous set up I had purchased a bunch of plastic organizers from the dollar store, which worked well to keep everything mostly organized. The only thing with doing it with a bunch of separate containers that you lose some space because they usually don’t fill the drawer perfectly. This time I did a little research and found that IKEA makes a drawer organizer that fits perfectly in the Alex 5 Drawer. This fits perfectly and doesn’t waste space like my other containers did. If you’re looking for these, you can find them in the kitchen section.

Drawer 1

Drawer 1

Starting from the left, the first drawer is where I keep some of my glitters as well as my gel eye liners and other potted products like color tattoos etc. These are being organized by a spice tray. My sister really helped me organize and she came up with this idea for storing potted stuff. These are little trays with rubber tracks inside so that the products stay put. This is great because not only are the products lined up neatly, but I can clearly see everything that I have. The spice tray takes up about half the drawer so for this drawer I purchased a half size of the drawer organizers that I have in the other drawers, which fills up the drawer perfectly. In this I keep my foundations as well as some misc. single shadows and more glitters.

Drawer 2

Drawer 2

Moving down one drawer, we come to a bit of a random drawer. This drawer is organized but it does hold a variety of different things. It has mainly tools and supplies like tape, scissors, tweezers etc. I also have some supplies like lashes, mixing palettes and disposable mascara wands and lip gloss applicators. Towards the back of the drawer I keep lip treatments like scrubs and balms. Next to that we have my Colourpop lippie sticks and pencil eye liners, mascaras and eye primers.

Drawer 3

Drawer 3

Moving on, we have drawer 1 of palettes. In my new vanity I have 2 drawers dedicated to palettes as that was an area that was getting squished before. This drawer has my more used palettes, eye, blush and face palettes that I reach for fairly often.

Drawer 4

Drawer 4

Drawer 4 is a bit more disorganized than I’d like it to be, I just haven’t found a good system for organizing my skincare. This has mainly skincare items like masks, cleansers and lotions. As I mentioned, our bathroom is really small, so the less I store in there, the better. I also store my lash book and my travel makeup bag in here since they are bigger items.

Drawer 5

Drawer 5

Lastly for this set of drawers we have my hair tools. I do have 2 drawers dedicated to hair stuff in this vanity and this is mostly for tools. I keep my extensions in here as well as my hot tools like my curling wand, my straightener and hair dryer. I’m not hugely into hair, but I do need a place to keep this stuff and this is a good spot for it.

Drawer set 1- complete

Second set of drawers

Drawer 1

Drawer 6:1

In the second set of drawers the first drawer has primers, setting sprays, powders and concealers. You’ll notice that I don’t have a ton in either for either the primers or powders as these are not essential to my makeup. My skin is normal to dry, so primers don’t do much for me and I only use power to set my concealer.

Drawer 2


This is the fun drawer on this side. I am a blush and highlight junkie so this drawer is like a candy store to me. I also have bronzers and face palettes in here.

Drawer 3

Drawer 8:3

The third drawer in this set is my lesser used palettes. Oddly enough, this has a lot more in it than the other, mainly because I’m not feeling a lot of my palettes right now. I have a feeling there will be a ton of rotation between this palette drawer and the other as I change what I’m using at that point in time.

Drawer 4


Drawer 4 is the other hair drawer, but this one has hair products in it rather than tools.

Drawer 5


The last drawer is actually not makeup related (gasp!). I had some extra space so I decided to move my candles in here. They didn’t have a home at all in my old vanity so they just sat in a pile collecting dust. Now they are neatly tucked away and ready to be lit.

So there you have it! If you made it to the end of this post, pat yourself on the back right now; this was a long one! I am so happy with my new vanity and every time I look at it, it makes me smile (soo cheesy).

How do you currently store your makeup? Let me know in the comments below!

Bye for now!



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