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First Impression: Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow Face Palette

May 23, 2016

Hi Everyone!

The newest addition to the Becca x Jaclyn Hill collection was released early last week and I managed to get my hands on it before it sold out. The palette officially launches May 26th so I thought I would share my thoughts before it officially releases. This is a highly anticipated release, so you might be wondering; is this worth the hype? Keep reading to find out.



Of course, no surprise; Becca killed it with the packaging on this palette. The white and gold design is completely my style so this was right up my alley.


They did include a full size mirror with this palette, which although not necessary for me personally, I appreciate. The only thing about the mirror is, if you wanted to set it down on a table and look into it, you can’t without the actual palette rocking back and forth. If I wanted the palette to sit flat, the mirror has to either be too far forward or too far back to use if you’re just looking into it. Am I being picky? Maybe. But it is a huge pain in the ass to hold a mirror and do your makeup with the other hand. Definitely not a deal breaker, but just something I noticed.


First let’s start with the blushes. I was so excited to see this collection include blushes. I am a huge blush junkie and I don’t own any of Becca’s blushes individually. You get 3 shades in this collection; each with a different finish. All the blushes in this collection were highly pigmented, smooth and had minimal (if any!) fallout.

Rose Spritz

Rose Spritz

The first of the 3 blushes is Rose Spritz. This is Becca’s new luminous blush formula that I have been wanting to try, but not willing to drop over $40 for an individual blush. I’m happy this formula was included in the kit so I can decide if I want more shades in this formula. This is a beautiful, rosy coral shade with a ton of gold shimmer in it. There is no glitter in this whatsoever and the shimmer is super finely milled so it just comes across as a glow on the cheeks. My only issue with this shade is purely personal; there is nothing wrong with this at all. My skin issues seem to always result in texture in and around the cheek area and unfortunately, a blush with this much shimmer can accentuate the texture I get there. I love this shade, it is beyond stunning so I will reserve it for when I’m having a good skin day. This is just something to consider if you have skin texture issues like I do.



The next shade is Amaretto. This is the shade I was most excited for, even though it looks the most boring in the pan. This shade is a very warm, matte terra cotta brown shade. It’s very neutral, which is likely why I was drawn to it. I love blush colours like this one that go with any look. This is super pigmented, so I really need to watch myself with this one.



Lastly is Pamplemousse, the brightest of the blushes included in this collection. This is a true coral shade with a satin finish. I normally don’t go for blushes this bright regularly since I am so fair, but this is a beautiful shade and perfect for summer. It’s very bright on me, so I have to use a super light hand, but on medium-deep skin this would be totally stunning. She has definitely tried to include something for everyone in this collection.


Now onto the stars of the show, the highlighters. In terms of formula, I like Becca’s, but they’re not my most favourite out of every highlight that I own. I have said this before when I reviewed Champagne Pop originally, these highlights do fade on me faster than some of the highlights I own and with normal-dry skin I generally don’t have a problem with this. I find that these last better and look more melted into the skin if I spray my brush with Fix+ first and also generously spray my face after applying as well.  It’s an extra step, but it’s worth it to have my highlight last all day. I don’t know anyone with oily or combo skin who has tried these highlights, so I’m not sure how it would work for people with those skin types. I would definitely use a primer and a setting spray just to be on the safe side.

Champagne Pop

Champagne Pop

The first of the 2 highlights is Champagne Pop. This was Jaclyn Hill’s original collaboration with Becca that released a little less than 1 year ago. I picked this up when it initially launched and when it was a part of the Champagne Glow Palette that was limited edition for the holidays. With this being my 3rd Champagne Pop, it’s definitely not new to me, but I don’t mind. I love palettes so having it in palette form, especially with blushes is perfect. Champagne Pop is a peachy light gold shade that compliments my fair skin nicely. Champagne Pop is part of Becca’s permanent collection, so if you were looking for it on it’s own it is available.

Prosecco Pop

Prosecco Pop

The second (and last) highlight included in the palette is Prosecco Pop. This is a very true, warm gold shade.  I don’t have anything else like this in my collection. This true golds are harder to pull off on my skin tone, but I can still wear it. My skin is very pink-toned and with the yellow undertone of this shade, it did look a little off at first. Or maybe I’m just not used to wearing this kind of shade. With a couple of tweaks I was able to make it work. I prefer this mixed with Champagne Pop on my skin, just because it lightens it a little and cuts the yellow just a tad. I have no problems mixing it because I love the way it looks when it’s mixed. I also prefer this with a bronzey look to the skin. Giving myself a little colour helps this to blend better. Lastly, like I mentioned before I prefer to use this wet for maximum glow. This highlight will be gorgeous on medium to deep skin, so even though it’s not my ideal shade I’m glad it was included in this collection.

Here’s what the shades look like mixed:

Prosecco Champagne

Overall Thoughts

In all, I do think this palette is worth the buy. It’s worth it for me just for the blushes alone, since 1 Becca blush would cost me a good chunk of what this palette costs ($59 CAD). The quality is amazing and it really does have something for everyone. If you don’t own Champagne Pop already, I would purchase it in this kit because it’s much better value with the blushes and Prosecco Pop. If you do own Champagne Pop I still think it’s worth it for the blushes. Plus having everything in one palette is super convenient, especially for travel. I did an eye look using Amaretto as my transition shade and Champagne/Prosecco Pop as the lid colour and I was good to go. So theoretically for simple makeup, you could pack this as your face and eyeshadow palette and still be good to go.

So there you have it! Are you planning on picking up this palette when it officially releases?

Bye for now!


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