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Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette: Review

June 27, 2016

Hi Everyone!

I recently picked up the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette and I had to share my thoughts with you. From the second I saw this palette, I had to have it. It basically had my name on it. This palette is an amazing collection of warm colours and berry tones, which are my favourite shades to wear.

The Details

Price: $42 US/ $55 CAD

Limited Edition? This palette will be permanent.

Available:, Sephora



Let’s start with the packaging on this. From the second I saw this, the packaging reminded me of the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette. The outer packaging is a light pink velvet-type fabric, which is very similar to the Naturally Pretty Palette. While I think that the packaging of this is probably purposeful and related to the renaissance theme, I’m not a huge fan of it. This type of packaging gets so dirty from powder and is challenging to wipe down. Although I appreciate the idea behind this, I prefer the packaging from some of their other palettes better.



Other than the outside packaging, I have no complaints. The pans in this palette are actually bigger, which is also why it’s more expensive than her previous palettes. The palette has 14 shades and comes with a good quality double ended brush.


Like I already mentioned, this palette focuses mainly on warm tones and berry shades. I love these kind of shades since they compliment my eye colour really well so I was happy to see a palette like this. The majority of the shades in this palette are matte or satin, with only 3 that are obviously shimmery. I like having lots of matte options, but I do wish there were a couple more shimmery shades just to switch up the lid shade. Although I sometimes will wear matte eyes, I reach for shimmery shades for the lid most often and this really only has 2 options (Vermeer and Primavera) for that. Since I have quite a few eyeshadows, I don’t mind reaching for a different lid shade if I feel like it. But it is something to keep in mind if you don’t have many other options.

In terms of quality, these are impressive. There’s not one shade in the palette that is lacking in pigmentation. Every single one is crazy pigmented and buttery soft. With that being said, they do kick up some powder. That doesn’t bother me because I like pigmented eyeshadows, even if they do have some fallout. I know some people don’t like this though. In terms of texture, they remind me of Lorac shadows, which is one of my favourite formulas.


Tempera- Starting in the top left corner, we have Tempera. This is a satin cream shade with a slight peach undertone. This is similar to my skintone and not light enough for me to highlight with so I like to use this as a base to make sure all my other shadows apply smoothly.

Golden Ochre- This shade is an earthy mustard shade with a matte finish. I like to use this for a very natural transition shade.

Tempera, Golden Ochre

Vermeer- Vermeer is one of the two metallic shadows in the palette. This is a shimmery light pink beige shade. This one makes a gorgeous lid shade or inner corner highlight. I think this would make a beautiful face highlight on my skin tone as well.


Buon Fresco- I haven’t played with this shade too much yet, as it is one of the cooler shades in the palette. This is a grey based lavender with a matte finish.

Antique Bronze- I was a bit disappointed with this shade I’ll admit. I was picturing this shade to be a super metallic bronze, but the shimmer is alot softer than I pictured and it’s not my favourite. Once it’s on the lid it’s just not the pop of shimmer I was hoping for. It’s still highly pigmented, just not what I was expecting. This is a red based bronze shade with a soft metallic finish.

Buon Fresco, Antique Bronze

Love Letter- This is my favourite shade from the palette. Love Letter is a matte berry shade that is insanely pigmented. This looks beautiful in the outer corner and crease, especially with gold on the lid. By far the best berry shade I’ve found in a palette.

Cyprus Umber- Lastly on the top row we have Cyprus Umber. This is a deep neutral brown with a matte finish. This type of shade is a staple in a palette for me, so I was happy to see this.

Love Letter, Cyprus Umber

Raw Sienna- To start off the bottom row we have Raw Sienna. This shade is a super warm camel brown with a matte finish. I love to use this as a transition shade or in the crease for a natural look.

Burnt Orange- Next to Raw Sienna is Burnt Orange. This is a warm terracotta colour with a matte finish. I like to mix this with Raw Sienna as a transition colour or to warm up the crease.

Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange

Primavera- This is the second super metallic shade in the palette. This is a true gold shade.

Red Ochre- I’ll admit I was doubtful about this shade. Any other red I’ve tried turns pink when I blend it out, but this one is a true brick red and stays true to colour when blended. I could not be happier with this shade.

Primavera, Red Ochre

Venetian Red- The next shade is Venetian Red. This might look similar to Red Ochre in the pan if you’re just looking at them side by side but they’re not the same. This shade has a soft shimmer to it and is less brown than Red Ochre. This would make a beautiful smokey eye.

Warm Taupe- This shade definitely surprised me. I assumed it would be taupe, but once applied it’s a matte earthy khaki colour. This is a very unique shade that I haven’t seen in many other palettes.

Realgar- Last but not least is Realgar. This shade is a dark orange. I love these shades as they bring a beautiful warmth to an eye look.

Venetian Red, Warm Taupe, Realgar



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