June 2016 Faves

July 10, 2016

Hi Everyone!

June was a super busy month, which explains the late favourites. It seems like every single year June is my most fun month of the year and June 2016 was no exception. In June, I officially graduated from university, turned 23 and celebrated both my boyfriend’s and best friend’s birthdays. With all these fun things going on I did get lots of opportunities to play with makeup, but I also had many makeup free work days so I do have some skincare to share as well.

Lush Eau Roma Water


With many makeup free days, I have been trying to focus on my skin. As I’ve mentioned probably 100 times, my skin issue is texture on my cheeks. I can honestly say that since I started using this product religiously, I have seen a noticeable difference in my skin texture. I know that a lot of the texture issues stem from sensitivities but this product has really helped to soothe my skin and it’s not trying like many other toners. If you have sensitive, dry skin, I highly recommend this product.

Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette


This should not come as a shock. I have not put down this palette since the day I got it. It doesn’t matter what eye look I’m doing, I find a way to incorporate this palette one way or another. These shadows are super pigmented and blend out effortlessly. I did post a full review on this if you’re interested in getting this palette.

Glam Glow Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment


My second favourite skincare product of the last few months has been the Glam Glow Thirsty Mud mask. First off this smells like coconut which I love and secondly it makes my skin ridiculously soft. I like to go in with a clay mask or something more deep-cleansing first and use this after to calm down my skin and it works amazing. This mask is expensive but you don’t need a lot for it to be effective so it lasts a long time.

Jaclyn Hill x Becca- Blushes


In late May, the Champagne Collection was released early onto Sephora’s website and I managed to pick up the face palette.Even though I love highlighters, the highlights in this palette aren’t my favourite for this month, the blushes are. I like ll the blushes but most of all I have been wearing Rose Spritz and Amaretto. When I’m wearing more natural makeup I’ll often reach for Rose Spritz to add some colour to my cheeks and Amaretto goes with everything. This palette was worth it to me just for the blushes alone.

Rose Spritz

Rose Spritz ^


Amaretto ^

ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip in Magic Wand and Tarte Tarteist Glossy Lip Paint in Goals


I have a new favourite lip combination that I have been wearing non-stop for the last 2 months. I made a Colourpop order a few months ago and picked up some of their Ultra Satin Lips, which I ended up loving. This formula is much better than their Ultra Matte formula and it still looks matte in my opinion. I love Magic Wand by itself, but with this gloss on top, it really looks amazing! Magic Wand is more nude, but Goals is more pink so together they work perfectly as an everyday lip colour.  I have pretty thin lips but I feel like this combo makes them look fuller, which is a bonus.


Tarteist Blush Palette- Laugh and Love


I have another blush favourite from June. This palette was limited edition but I happened to spot it during a Sephora trip and snagged it. I have found Tarte blushes in the past to be hit or miss, I have some that are amazingly pigmented and some that are kind of dry. Luckily these are extremely pigmented and not at all dry. All the blushes in this palette are nice, but the middle 2 shades are my favourites. Laugh has a beautiful glow but is still neutral and Love is the perfect neutral rosy shade. These are ridiculously blendable to the point that when I was trying to swatch them for this post I couldn’t even make a strong edge to the swatch because it just blended out immediately.

tarteist blush palette


So there you have it! What products have you been loving?


Bye for now!






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